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Family Room Wall Art and Decor Ideas: Transform Your Space with Style

Family rooms serve as the central hub for relaxation and gathering in a household. They are where families spend quality time together, entertain visitors, or simply unwind after a long day. One of the main aspects of creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere is paying attention to the wall art and décor. With the right pieces, a family room can reflect the personal style and preferences of its occupants, transforming it into a space that feels like home.

There is a myriad of choices when it comes to wall art and décor, which can make the task of decorating the family room both exciting and potentially overwhelming. However, the key is to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality. From using family photographs to abstract paintings, and from patterned wallpapers to statement mirrors, there are countless options for homeowners to choose from.

Alongside the visual appeal, it is essential not to overlook the practical aspects of family room decorating. By considering factors such as the size and layout of the room, the available wall space, and the overall colour scheme, homeowners can create a harmonious yet visually arresting environment that everyone will enjoy spending time in. With careful planning and thoughtful selections, the possibilities for family room wall art and décor ideas are virtually limitless.

Pink and blue abstract seascape for the living room.

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Choosing the Right Wall Art

In any family room, the selection of wall art plays a vital role in creating an aesthetically pleasing and welcoming atmosphere. To successfully choose the appropriate artwork for your family room, consider the following factors:

Consider the Room's Function

A family room is a multi-functional space where family members gather to spend quality time together, engage in leisurely activities, or watch television. When selecting wall art, bear in mind the room's purpose and choose pieces that evoke feelings of relaxation, togetherness, and enjoyment. Opt for calming and harmonious imagery that complements the recreational function of the space.

Pick the Right Colour Palette

The colour palette of the artwork you select will have a significant impact on the overall visual appeal and mood of the family room. Choose art that complements the existing colour scheme and adds balance to the room. For instance, if the family room has a neutral colour palette, you can introduce pops of colour by selecting bold and vibrant artwork. On the other hand, if the room already features an abundance of colours and patterns, it might be best to choose wall art with a subtler, more harmonious colour palette to maintain a balanced and inviting atmosphere.

Match the Interior Design Style

Lastly, ensure that your chosen wall art aligns with the family room's interior design style. Whether your room features a minimalist, contemporary, or traditional design, it is essential to select artwork that complements and enhances the room's overall aesthetic. For example, abstract pieces generally suit modern or minimalist spaces, whereas landscapes or portraits may be better suited for classic or traditional interiors. By carefully considering the room's design style, you can ensure that the selected wall art contributes to a cohesive and visually pleasing space.

Minimalist abstract black and white framed prints for the living room.

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Artwork Types and Forms

Framed Prints

Framed prints are a classic choice for family room wall art. They offer a wide range of artistic styles, including photography, paintings, and digital creations. With various frame options, you can easily find a print that complements your family room's interior design. High-quality prints under glass help to protect the artwork from dust, moisture, and fading.

Canvas Art

Canvas art is another popular option for family room décor. This type of artwork is printed or painted directly onto a canvas, which is then stretched over a wooden frame. The frameless, edge-to-edge design creates a modern look that suits many interiors. Additionally, canvas art does not have the reflective surface of framed prints, making it a better option for rooms with ample natural light.

Wall Sculptures

Wall sculptures provide a 3-dimensional element to your family room. These decorative pieces can be made of various materials, such as metal, wood, or ceramics. Wall sculptures offer a more tactile experience and can make a bold statement as a focal point of the room. This type of artwork is ideal for those looking to add texture and depth to their family room walls.


A tapestry is a large textile artwork that can serve as a stunning statement piece in your family room. Typically made from materials like wool, cotton or silk, tapestries can feature intricate patterns, bright colours and detailed imagery. By hanging a tapestry on your wall, you add warmth and softness to the space. Tapestries can also help reduce echoing, making them a practical choice for rooms with high ceilings or hard flooring.

Wall Murals

Wall murals are an impactful way to change the entire look of your family room. They can cover a single wall or extend across multiple walls, creating a continuous design. From intricate patterns to stunning landscapes, wall murals offer a variety of styles and themes to suit any taste. This type of artwork can be applied as wallpaper or through a custom paint job, giving you the flexibility to choose what works best for your space.

neutral toned gallery wall for a living room.

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Display Techniques and Layouts

Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is an excellent choice for showcasing a collection of art pieces and family photos. It can be a creative and personalised way to transform an empty wall into a visual story. To create a gallery wall, start by selecting a mix of items, such as paintings, photographs, and decorative objects. Lay out the pieces on the floor to determine a pleasing arrangement before hanging them on the wall. It's important to maintain balance and harmony among your items, avoiding clutter or overfilling the space.

Large Centre Piece

A single large centre piece can serve as the main focal point of your family room. This type of arrangement usually features oversized artwork or a sizable framed photograph that attracts attention. To enhance the visual impact of your centre piece, ensure that it is hung at eye level and that there is enough empty wall space around it to prevent a crowded look. Complementary smaller pieces can be added, but make sure they don't overshadow the main attraction.

Symmetrical Arrangement

For a more traditional and orderly look, consider a symmetrical arrangement. This display technique places pieces in a balanced manner, mirroring each other across a central axis. Symmetrical arrangements work well with matching frames and similar-sized items, creating a sense of cohesion and structure. Remember to maintain equal spacing between the pieces and ensure proper alignment to achieve a polished and harmonious appearance.

Vertical and Horizontal Alignments

Vertical and horizontal alignments can add visual interest to your family room's wall art display. A vertical alignment showcases a series of items in a top-to-bottom arrangement, which works well in tight spaces or on narrow walls. Conversely, a horizontal alignment features artwork arranged in a linear manner, following a left-to-right orientation. This can emphasise the width and spaciousness of your family room. Experiment with different combinations of vertical and horizontal arrangements to find your personal style and create an eye-catching wall display.


Overall, various display techniques and layouts can bring life to your family room's walls, showcasing your personality and taste. By exploring options like gallery walls, large centre pieces, symmetrical arrangements, and vertical and horizontal alignments, you can create an inviting and aesthetically pleasing environment for everyone to enjoy in your family room. Experiment and adapt these ideas based on your available space, personal preferences, and the types of items you wish to display, ensuring a unique and visually engaging result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Empty Living Room Wall Ideas?

To fill an empty living room wall, consider creating a focal point with a bold, statement-making piece of art or a large mirror to reflect light and space. You can also arrange floating shelves with various accessories or combinations of framed photos and prints. Wallpaper or wall stencils provide another option for adding patterns, textures, and colours to your living room walls.

Simple Family Room Decor?

For a simple family room decor, choose a neutral colour palette, and focus on a few key elements. A minimalist approach might include a single wall art piece or a carefully curated collection of images. Keep furniture streamlined and functional, and incorporate a few cosy throws or cushions. Utilising natural materials such as wood, metal, or stone is another way to create a simple yet appealing family room ambiance.

Interesting Wall Features?

There are several interesting wall features that can serve as conversation starters in your family room. These may include a handmade, floor-to-ceiling bookshelf, a striking mural, or a 3D-effect wall installation. Additionally, consider a green wall or vertical garden for those who appreciate an eco-friendly aesthetic. For a more interactive approach, allocate a chalkboard wall or magnetised surface for family notes, drawings, and announcements.


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