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Ellisimo was founded by Lauren Chopra, who was determined to create a brand that enhanced the aesthetic appeal of people's homes and offices and promoted eco-friendly practices. We set out to change the wall décor industry, motivated by our passion for art and dedication to sustainability. Ellisimo is a global brand with deep roots in diverse cultures and experiences. Lauren discovered her passion for affordable wall art while living in Hong Kong and Dubai. These cities' vibrant art scenes and unique design aesthetics sparked her interest in wall décor. She recognized the potential for creating a brand offering beautiful, high-quality art at accessible prices. Her exposure to various artistic styles and global trends, combined with her background in sales and finance, enabled her to lay the foundation for Ellisimo. Her passion for art and her commitment to affordability and sustainability fueled her desire to build a brand that would resonate with people worldwide.

As a mother of two, she understood the importance of creating a home filled with warmth, love, and beauty. This experience inspired her to offer affordable and sustainable wall art options to families everywhere, helping them create inspiring spaces that nourish the soul and elevate everyday living. Today, Ellisimo stands as a testament to her vision and dedication. Our global reach allows us to cater to various tastes and preferences, bringing together the best artistic styles under one roof. We pride ourselves on being a brand that transcends boundaries and connects people through the universal language of art. Embracing our global roots, Ellisimo strives to create a community of art enthusiasts and eco-conscious individuals from all corners of the world. No matter where you are or your background, we encourage you to join us in celebrating the beauty of art and our shared commitment to a more sustainable and affordable future.

Ellisimo's founder Lauren Chopra playing on the beach with her family.

Our Inspiration

Ellisimo's inspiration comes from Lauren's mother-in-law, who has over 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing wall art for major retailers worldwide. Her dedication to her craft and tireless efforts to perfect the art of wall décor has always motivated the brand to aim for excellence. In addition, she believes in art's transformative power and the importance of sustainability and ethical practices, which deeply resonates with Ellisimo's values. Ellisimo dedicates their success to her unwavering support and love and is committed to upholding her values and principles in everything they do.

beautiful gallery wall with a painted poster print of a female wearing a sunhat and a botanical green print pictured in a grey and green living room.

Our Vision

At Ellisimo, we believe in the power of art to inspire, uplift, and connect people. Our vision is to bring the beauty of art into every home and office while ensuring that our products are affordable and kind to the environment. Furthermore, we endeavour to create a community of like-minded individuals who appreciate the essence of art and share our passion for sustainability.

Our Products

Our diverse collection of wall art features exquisite designs and styles that cater to all tastes and preferences. From abstract paintings to minimalist prints, we offer a wide
range of high-quality, eco-friendly art pieces that can transform any space. In addition, we take pride in collaborating with talented artists from around the globe, giving them a platform to showcase their work while supporting their creative journey.

Sustainability Matters

Environmental responsibility is at the core of our brand. We are dedicated to minimising our ecological footprint by utilising eco-friendly materials, adopting sustainable production methods, and reducing waste. For example, all our art pieces are printed on acid-free paper using water-based inks, which ensures minimal environmental impact. In addition, we continually strive to improve our practices to reduce waste and energy consumption further and are committed to planting two trees for every one used in production.

Affordability and Accessibility

Everyone should have access to beautiful, high-quality art without breaking the bank. Our mission is to make art accessible and affordable for all, which is why we work tirelessly to offer a diverse range of art pieces at competitive prices. By leveraging technology and streamlining our supply chain, we can deliver stunning art directly to your doorstep without compromising quality.

Join the Ellisimo Community

Together, we can make a difference! We encourage you to join our community of art lovers and eco-conscious individuals passionate about making the world more beautiful and sustainable. Follow us on social media, share your Ellisimo experience with friends, and be the first to know about our latest releases and special offers.






Thank you for choosing Ellisimo – let's make a positive impact, one art piece at a time!