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Large Wall Art for Bedrooms: Transform Your Space Effortlessly

Large wall art has become a popular trend in interior design, particularly for bedrooms. It provides an immediate focal point for any room, drawing the eye and setting the atmosphere with its impressive size and visual impact. Incorporating large-scale artwork into bedroom décor can transform the space into a personal sanctuary, reflecting individual tastes and styles while adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.

There is a wide variety of large wall art pieces available, ranging from abstract designs to nature-inspired landscapes and intricate geometric patterns. These diverse options allow homeowners to choose something that perfectly complements their bedroom's colour palette, theme, and overall aesthetic. Whether it's the soothing hues of a tranquil seascape or the bold strokes of a modern abstract piece, an oversized art piece is a sure way to elevate any bedroom's atmosphere.

When selecting the perfect large wall art for a bedroom, it is essential to consider the room's size, shape, and natural lighting. The right piece of artwork can serve as a stunning visual anchor but should be carefully chosen to avoid overwhelming the space. By taking these factors into account, one can find a balance between style and function to create a cohesive and inviting bedroom environment.

Large abstract framed wall art. Set of 2.

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Large Wall Art for Bedrooms: Types and Styles

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetics of your bedroom, large wall art can make a significant impact. There are various types and styles of wall art available that cater to different preferences and tastes. In this section, we will explore four popular sub-sections: Abstract Art, Landscape Art, Typography Art, and Photographic Art.

Abstract Art

Abstract art is an excellent choice for adding a touch of modern flair to a bedroom. This type of large wall art often features bold colours, intriguing shapes, and unique compositions that provoke thought and spark conversations. Abstract art can blend seamlessly with various interior design elements, creating an inviting and visually appealing atmosphere.

Landscape Art

Landscape art is another popular option for large wall art in bedrooms. Bringing serene outdoor scenes inside, this type of art often features picturesque natural settings, such as mountains, forests, or oceans. Landscape art can create a calming and relaxing environment, providing a sense of escapism and peace to help you unwind after a long day. Moreover, this type of artwork can complement various bedroom styles, from contemporary to rustic.

Typography Art

Typography art adds a personal touch to your bedroom decor, incorporating text, letters, or quotes that resonate with you or reflect your personality. This type of large wall art comes in a range of styles and fonts, allowing you to find the perfect piece to match your preferences. Typography art can serve as a focal point in your bedroom, encouraging creativity and fueling inspiration.

Photographic Art

Photographic art captures moments or scenes through the lens of a camera, immortalising them forever on your bedroom walls. Available in black and white or full colour, photographic art can depict a variety of subjects, from nature and wildlife to travel destinations and architecture. Large photographic wall art can transport you to different places around the world, inspiring wanderlust and sparking cherished memories.

Ultimately, the choice of large wall art in your bedroom depends on your personal style and preferences. Each type offers a distinct visual appeal and ambiance, so carefully consider your options before deciding on the perfect piece to complement your space.

Large graphic wall art for the bedroom.

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Selecting the Right Size and Layout

Scale and Proportion

When selecting large wall art for bedrooms, it is important to consider the scale and proportion of the artwork in relation to the room. The artwork should neither be too small nor too overwhelming. Ideally, the width of the artwork should be approximately 60-75% of the width of the wall. This helps create a balanced look and ensures that the piece does not overpower the rest of the room's decor.

To select the right size, measure the width and height of the wall where the art will be displayed, then multiply them by both 0.60 and 0.75. This will provide a range of suitable sizes for the artwork.

Horizontal or Vertical Orientation

The orientation of the artwork is another important consideration when choosing large wall art for a bedroom. Depending on the available wall space, either horizontal or vertical orientation may be more suitable. When the wall is wider, a horizontal piece will create a sense of connection that can bring harmony to the space. However, if the wall is taller, a vertical orientation can help emphasise the height of the room and create a visually striking focal point.

Gallery Wall vs Single Canvas

When planning the layout of large wall art, one must decide between a gallery wall and a single canvas. A gallery wall is made up of multiple pieces of art grouped together to create a cohesive theme. This can add depth and variety to a room while showcasing the homeowner's personal style. When opting for a gallery wall, it is crucial to maintain a consistent colour scheme, style, or theme among the pieces.

On the other hand, a single canvas can make a strong statement in a bedroom. A single, large piece of art should have a significant impact on the room's overall aesthetic, making it the central focus. Choosing the right single canvas piece depends on the homeowner's taste and the desired atmosphere in the bedroom.

In conclusion, selecting the right size and layout for large wall art in a bedroom involves careful consideration of scale and proportion, as well as a thoughtful choice between a gallery wall and a single canvas. By considering these factors, homeowners can achieve a balanced and visually appealing bedroom design that suits their personal style.

Large black and white wall art for the bedroom.

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Incorporating Colour and Theme

Colour Matching with Bedroom Decor

When incorporating large wall art in a bedroom, it's essential to consider how the colours in the artwork connect with the existing decor. A harmonious colour palette can create a sense of balance and visual interest. One useful approach is to choose artwork that complements the overall colour scheme of the room. For instance, if the room features soft, muted tones, selecting a piece with similar colours can help tie the space together and maintain a sense of unity.

Another effective technique is choosing art that incorporates an accent colour found within the bedroom decor. If the room has a vibrant splash of colour in a rug, cushion, or another accessory, using a piece of art that echoes that hue can create a pleasing connection between the work and the rest of the space.

It's also possible to pursue contrast when selecting large wall art for a bedroom. A piece with bold or unexpected colours can add a striking visual element, drawing the eye and making a dynamic statement. Such artwork can act as a focal point, inviting attention and generating interest.

Choosing a Theme

In addition to colour matching, consider the theme of the art when incorporating large wall art into a bedroom. The chosen theme should reflect the individual's personality or serve as an extension of the existing decor style, such as contemporary, bohemian, or traditional.

One option for selecting a theme is to focus on a specific subject, such as nature, abstract patterns, or portraiture. An artwork depicting a serene landscape can create a calming environment, while an abstract piece can bring a fresh, modern touch to the bedroom.

Another approach is to consider the overall mood or atmosphere that the artwork can create in the space. For example, a playful, whimsical piece can introduce a sense of fun, whereas a more serious, contemplative work may induce a sense of quiet reflection or tranquillity.

When incorporating colour and theme through large wall art in a bedroom, the key is finding a balance between complementing the existing decor and showcasing the individual's tastes and preferences. The result should be a visually appealing, cohesive space that is both personal and inviting.


Large wall art for bedrooms is an excellent way to enhance a room's overall aesthetic while showcasing the homeowner's unique taste. Numerous styles and approaches can be taken when incorporating large wall art into bedroom design schemes.

One effective approach to selecting a large wall art piece is by coordinating it with the existing bedroom colour scheme. By doing so, the artwork becomes a seamless part of the room's design while drawing attention to itself as a statement piece. Alternatively, one can also choose clashing colours or patterns to create an eye-catching contrast.

Exploring different methods of displaying artwork can turn the bedroom wall into a striking focal point. Experimenting with creative hanging techniques or even incorporating decorative wall mouldings can truly enhance the impact of large wall art on a bedroom's atmosphere.

When selecting a piece of large wall art, it is important to choose an artwork that authentically represents the individual’s personality and taste. Finding a piece that complements the existing furnishings and bedroom style can contribute to creating a cohesive space that delights the senses.

Lastly, it is always beneficial to consider the dimensions of the chosen artwork in relation to the bedroom's size and layout. Large artwork can create a sense of grandeur, so ensuring it is the appropriate size is essential for the desired effect.

In summary, incorporating large wall art into a bedroom can bring an additional layer of sophistication and personal touch to the space. By considering the choice of artwork, hanging methods, and overall design approach, one can transform their bedroom into a sanctuary that reflects their individual style and taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to selecting large wall art for bedrooms, several common questions often arise. This section aims to address some of these concerns to provide helpful information for homeowners.

One frequently asked question is, "How large should the wall art be in proportion to the wall or furniture?" Generally, wall art should be large enough to occupy at least two-thirds of the wall space. When placing the artwork above furniture, such as a bed or a couch, it is recommended that the art should be between two-thirds and three-quarters of the furniture's width.

Another common query is, "What type of wall art is best for a bedroom?" The answer depends on personal preferences and existing bedroom décor. Some popular options for bedroom wall art include nature scenes, abstract pieces, or personalised canvases. Nature wall art, for instance, can have a calming effect on the space and evoke a sense of tranquillity.

Homeowners may also ask, "How should I arrange multiple pieces of wall art?" When using more than one artwork, it's essential to create balance and harmony. Try experimenting with different arrangements, such as symmetrical and asymmetrical displays. For example, you could hang a triptych or display matching artwork in evenly spaced intervals.

Lastly, a common question is, "How high should wall art be hung on the bedroom wall?" To achieve the best visual impact, it's advised to hang wall art at eye level, which is typically around 57 inches from the floor. However, this number may differ slightly depending on the room's proportions and individuals' heights. Above furniture, ensure that there's enough space between the art and the top of the furniture so that the pieces don't feel cramped.

By taking the time to understand these aspects of large wall art for bedrooms, homeowners can confidently select and display artwork that complements their personal style and enhances the room's overall ambiance.


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