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Kitchen Art Ideas: Simple Tips to Embellish Your Cooking Space

A well-designed kitchen is about functionality, practicality, aesthetics, and personality. One way to elevate the visual appeal of your kitchen is by incorporating kitchen art into the space. Many ideas are available for using artwork in your kitchen, ranging from colourful prints to sculptural pieces.

Experimenting with various kitchen art ideas can be enjoyable, allowing you to unleash your creativity and personalise your home. Whether you opt for a bold statement piece or a collection of smaller prints, there are countless possibilities for creating a visually captivating kitchen space that blends form and functions seamlessly.

Black and white photography print of New York in a neutral Kitchen.

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Types of Kitchen Art

Wall Decor

One popular way to incorporate art into your kitchen is through wall decor. This can take many forms and help to personalise your kitchen space, reflecting your personality and tastes. There are a few different approaches to wall decor, which we will explore below.


Adding colourful artwork or prints can create a cohesive and visually appealing decor scheme in your kitchen. Select pieces that complement your existing colour palette or create a contrast by introducing bold, vibrant shades. Colourful kitchen art can uplift your space and enhance its overall feeling.

Gallery Wall

gallery wall in your kitchen can showcase a collection of art pieces, photos or decorative items. This allows you to create a visually stimulating and uniquely personal display, reflecting a range of styles and themes. Consider using similar frames or connecting the pieces through colour or subject matter to create a cohesive gallery wall.

Quotes and Typography

Selecting quotes and typography as kitchen art can add a touch of charm and sentimentality to your space. Choose words that resonate with your values or add some personality to your kitchen. Typography art can be displayed independently or incorporated into a gallery wall for a more varied look.

Choosing a Style

When it comes to kitchen art ideas, selecting a style that suits your individuality and taste is essential. This section will explore three popular styles: Modern, Country, and Vintage.


The modern style focuses on clean lines, minimalism, and bold colours. Consider incorporating abstract or geometric art pieces to achieve this look in your kitchen. Select art with a limited colour palette or monotone to maintain the sleek and contemporary feel. Opt for frameless pieces or simple, slim frames to add elegance to your modern kitchen. 


Country-style kitchens evoke a sense of warmth, comfort, and rustic charm. Choose artwork that features natural elements, such as landscapes, animals, or flowers, to complement this style. Think of traditional oil or watercolour paintings to add a touch of both elegance and nostalgia. You can also use vintage-inspired signs or reclaimed wood art to emphasise the country theme further. 


The vintage style seeks to create a timeless and nostalgic atmosphere in the kitchen. To achieve this look, search for art pieces with an antique or worn appearance and incorporate elements from past eras. 

Remember, no matter which style you choose, the key to achieving a cohesive look in your kitchen is carefully selecting artwork that complements your overall design and enhances the atmosphere. Keep in mind the size and scale of the artwork, as well as the colours and materials used, to ensure a harmonious visual.

Abstract seascape wall art print pictured in a white and neutral Kitchen.

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Popular Kitchen Art Themes


Incorporating food-themed artwork is a natural choice for kitchen spaces, as it not only celebrates the essence of a kitchen but also adds a sense of warmth and comfort. Some popular options may include:

  • Colourful prints of fruits or vegetables can add a lively pop of colour to your kitchen and inspire healthy choices.
  • Vintage-style food advertisements evoke a sense of nostalgia and charm.
  • Paintings or illustrations of delicious meals, desserts or beverages sparking an appetite and the desire to cook or bake


Typography-based kitchen art can be modern and stylish in your cooking space. The use of words and phrases in the artwork allows for a variety of design options, including:

  • Inspirational or humorous food-related quotes or sayings, adding a touch of personality to your kitchen while also creating conversation
  • Large-lettered or word-based art pieces can provide an attractive focal point, especially when utilising unique fonts or styles.
  • Repeated patterns of food-related words create a visually exciting and harmonious design that complements other elements in your kitchen.


Abstract kitchen art can offer an opportunity to introduce striking, eye-catching designs without being overtly food-related. In addition, this approach allows for a greater range of artistic expression and can include:

  • Geometric patterns, using shapes and lines to create a visually dynamic and contemporary feel
  • Colourful brushstrokes or splashes of paint evoke a sense of movement and creativity that complements a busy kitchen environment.
  • Mixed media pieces combining textures, materials and artistic techniques to create a distinctive and captivating visual experience

Vintage framed wall art prints of oranges and pears in a vintage style kitchen.

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Placement and Arrangement

Regarding kitchen art ideas, the artwork's placement and arrangement significantly impact the overall aesthetic. Therefore, it's essential to consider various aspects of the kitchen space while incorporating art. Let's take a look at a few key areas to focus on.

Kitchen Walls

Kitchen walls offer ample opportunity for displaying art. Some popular spots include:

  • Above the sink or stove: Positioning art here will provide visual interest while washing dishes or cooking.
  • Near the dining table: Hanging art close to the dining area can create an inviting atmosphere and encourage conversation during meals.
  • Open wall space: Utilising any available wall space can transform an otherwise empty area into an eye-catching focal point.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is another great way to display kitchen art alongside functional items. Here are some ideas you could consider:

  • Mix artwork with everyday items: Intersperse your favourite art pieces amongst frequently-used kitchen items, such as utensils or dishes, to create a gallery-like display.
  • Play with heights: Arrange items of varying sizes on the shelves, with the artwork as the centrepiece. This will create visual intrigue and make the arrangement more dynamic.

Remember, when arranging items on open shelves, maintain balance and harmony by coordinating colours and themes throughout the display.

In summary, the placement and arrangement of kitchen art play a vital role in enhancing the overall appearance of your space. Focus on utilising wall areas effectively and incorporating artistic elements in open shelving to create a cohesive, visually appealing kitchen.


Incorporating art into a kitchen space can elevate its overall aesthetic and add character to the room. There are numerous ways to achieve this, from utilising colourful artwork to create a vibrant atmosphere to displaying a single statement piece for a bold impact.

One popular approach is to add character with colour, selecting vibrant and eye-catching pieces to complement the existing design. This technique can uplift the kitchen's energy and make it more inviting.

Another idea is to create a gallery corner, focusing on a small part of the room to showcase a mix of prints, plants, and other decorative items. This method can add depth and character to the kitchen without overwhelming the space.

For a more bespoke touch, consider exploring kitchen wall art and decor ideas and create a unique visual display that reflects your personality and style. This approach can turn the kitchen into a space where creativity and culinary creations thrive.

In conclusion, infusing art into the kitchen can dramatically transform the space and make it a more enjoyable and inspiring area to spend time in. The key lies in finding the right balance between art, functionality, and personal taste. Careful planning and attention to detail can achieve a beautifully curated kitchen space.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you hang art in the kitchen?

Yes, hanging art in the kitchen is possible and highly recommended. Art is not just for living rooms and bedrooms; it also adds visual interest and personality to the kitchen. Numerous stylish ideas exist for incorporating art into your kitchen's design scheme.

2. What types of art are suitable for the kitchen?

There is a wide variety of art types when choosing kitchen art. Some popular options include framed prints, canvas paintings, food and drink-inspired art and abstract pieces. The key is to select art that complements your kitchen's existing colour palette and design theme.

3. How do I pick the right size and placement for kitchen art?

  • Measure your available wall space to ensure the selected art fits appropriately.
  • Consider the scale, as smaller pieces may get lost in a larger kitchen, while oversized art can overwhelm a smaller space.
  • Hang the art at eye level or slightly lower, approximately 57-60 inches from the ground, so it is easily visible.
  • Make sure to overcrowd your walls; allow enough spacing between each piece for proper balance and visual appeal.

4. Can I display art near appliances and other heat sources?

Yes, but it's essential to take into consideration the potential risks. For example, avoid placing art too close to stovetops, ovens, or appliances that generate heat, as this could cause damage to the artwork. Additionally, ensure that the art is well-secured to prevent accidents due to appliance vibrations.


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